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Автор Тема: Help! New dog has lyme disease  (Прочитано 52 раз) A A A A
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« : Май 02, 2018, 13:29:49 »


My girlfriend and I recently walked into a local animal shelter, and she's wanted a dog for months now. We noticed an older looking Beagle mix named Chance, and she decided that she had to adopt him. He's a sweet little guy, a little bit submissive, but once he warms up to you he loves human attention.Unfortunately, after filling out the paperwork to adopt him, the shelter called us to let us know that they just found out he has lyme disease. They said they just noticed it due to a slight limp that had just developed in the past few days. Since the paperwork isn't finalized yet, I'm just wondering whether we should go ahead and adopt this little guy.On one hand, the shelter's vet says that he began antibacterial treatments immediately and should recover. Also, he was only limping about 20% of the time. To make this even more difficult, my girlfriend is absolutely set on adopting him. My primary concerns are obvious, his intake date is listed as August 29th. While possible, I really don't think it's likely that he got a tick/lyme disease in the shelter. I'm not sure how long he has had lyme disease and whether he will make a full recovery.The last thing I need right now is to adopt this sweet little guy and have to pay out of our pocket for additional treatment, or maybe even worse, be forced to put him down because we can't afford the treatment. I'm also worried because I'm not sure if anybody else would be willing to adopt the dog in the future, knowing that he has/had lyme disease previously.Some quick research indicates that "over 90%" of dogs treated within the first week of obvious signs of lyme disease make a full recovery. However, 5% of dogs will have some relapse (cardiac or neurological disorders) after treatment.Does anyone have any experience with dogs that have had lyme disease? If so, did the dog make a full recovery? Did it affect the dog's life span or quality of life? I wish somebody could assure me that the dog should recover just fine.

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