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Автор Тема: you get what you  (Прочитано 4 раз) A A A A
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you get what you sow. "Grandma holding a hoe, bending over, squatting in the soil, and talking with a long heart. The sun is plunging into the radiant sunset, a little golden light, like rain, spilling over the earth Marlboro Red." The girl looked at me with a sigh of relief, and the back of her grandmother bent over in the sunset often appeared in her dreams. When she saw her, she had the motivation and direction. I lay on my back and remembered carefully. The details, I am afraid of missing a little bit that I can remember. In my relaxed and happy childhood, a person walked quietly, she did not make me laugh like other people, pleased me, satisfied my child's innocence and mischief, she is My grandmother, the one who told me the truth in the back. Grandma took the hoe, bent over, and sketched out her little figure, but in my childhood, I still can rely on the shoulder. She There was a bag in his hand, which contained a small life that was eager to move. The breeze blew, blowing a piece of phoenix tree, dancing underneath, while on the other side, the white hair on the grandmother��s head was blown into several scattered silver. Needle, slightly State, and she is as calm as ever, silently sowing love and hope. Now think about it, it should be the best enlightenment education. At this time, I am sitting on the small bench, my grandmother let me more sun, I can grow taller, I did, although I didn��t grow taller, I fell in love with the mild sunshine in the afternoon. Just in March, the sun did not have the icy glare of winter, nor was it as hot and anxious as summer, but quietly converges and carefully Falling down Marlboro Gold, sprinkling a piece, and pacifying the world. The peach blossoms of the neighbor's sister Wu Tong grow prosperous, prosperous, very eye-catching, and show their vitality, and the face of Grandma is fascinated, and the young can be seen faintly. The shadow of the time. Grandma is as happy as I was when she was a child? She will also laugh and be forgotten, and will be driven away by adults. The feeling that Grandma gives me is never sad. She likes to grow vegetables seriously and live seriously." Hui Hui, to help my grandmother plant. "Grandma's old and hoarse voice rang in the distance. I ran quickly. Grandma always left me with two pits. My little hand reached into the bag and was stuck by the edge of the bag. A small seed, four or five seeds in each pit. Grandma took the bag and shovel the soil with a shovel. It was not too slow, but the eyes were calm but very hard. I saw the seeds entering the soil and witnessing the six. In the month, they all look radiant, but the only one in the corner, like a dying drunkard, can��t lift the spirit. It seems that there is no hope. I pointed it to my grandmother and squinted distressedly Online Cigarettes. Grandma is still so calm, only looking forward to it, said faintly: "Not all cucumber seeds can be melon. "But the melons are melons." But the seeds are not grown mechanically. In the process, it has to embrace the sun, dare to face the stormy winds, but also seize the opportunity, have goals, have directions, just touch the soil, you have to When I started to work hard, I nodded lightly, quietly, and the seeds of wisdom planted roots and sprouted in my heart. The pink clouds of the sky spewed into the sky, at dusk, one old and one little, silently and one year old, spring grass green, many years One morning, I went out, hugged the sun, a pink flower bud, and I was eager to move. She brewed for a whole year, just like other flowers, in the gentle morning, ordinary bloom.
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