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Автор Тема: Poor: A deep-rooted  (Прочитано 186 раз) A A A A
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Poor: A deep-rooted word in rural people, a word that countless people who want to get rid of poverty and want to change, a word that everyone wants to change their lives. A few years ago, many of the 90-year-old migrant workers who were not allowed to farm after 90 years of work, working in the city for the so-called rich people, became synonymous with the post-90s without culture today. But what? There are still a group of 90 who struggled on the front line. They insisted on persevering and persisting. Although they are poor, they still shine because they are constantly developing the poor. The richer the rich, the richer, become a saying, which makes some people think. I define myself as a poor person, then what is the real poverty? The first is the poverty of academic knowledge. I am not saying that reading is a rich person. Reading and earning money are irrelevant, but it is not difficult to find every success. People do not have high academic qualifications, but they all choose to study, while the poor only keep their own half-acre farmland. Then there is poverty in money wealth. First of all, parents are farmers. There is no financial support at home, and their entrepreneurship is difficult. Life is just In order to solve the problem of food and clothing. Finally, the relationship is that the family is a peasant who does not know any connections. He is always at the bottom of the well, and he has an ambition, and finally he will not be executed. He will also inevitably complain about the injustice of heaven. These three categories: knowledge You can change your destiny, money can change your life, your connections can change your mind, and any one is your poor root. When I read a lot of books in the 90s, I mentioned that I haven��t changed the fate of the poor in any way. In fact, it��s because everyone is poor and it is necessary to change their own destiny. Entrepreneurship is poor, not entrepreneurial. Poor people, then why don't we start a business? Entrepreneurship is a gamble, but it is the only legal way to grow its wealth quickly. Everyone can start a business. This is the right that everyone has, but it is not an obligation. Many years. My long friend will say that I have been working for so long, but I still don't know what I am doing. People who recognize you often don't recognize how much you earn, but how many roads you have gone. Entrepreneurship is a gamble. And I have no gambling mokingusacigarettes.com, and I am ready for gambling after 90 years. Because there is not much money, all I need is money. I used to be in the chapter "Entrepreneurship: What you need is gimmick and not spiritual". Written, as the current post-90s entrepreneurs, what we lack is nothing more than support for our gimmicks. Then I will talk about venture capital, everyone wants to be famous Marlboro Lights, everyone wants to change Your own destiny, or even change the destiny of a country. Then what is your business? For the sake of earning money, then let us look at the VCs you want, what is VC, and give you money to execute your project. Then we convert: entrepreneur = you + money = your dream, and what you lack is money. VC = give you money + replace you + to complete your dreams instead of you. Finally, everyone got a result is that there is no Your relationship with half a dime. Ask yourself if you are really lacking in the wind and investing in 90, you must be able to persevere, not just to catch up with the popular boom; after 90 years of entrepreneurship, you can't just look at the future, but also look at the future, not just to win a moment, but more I have to say that I have to kill a group of people, I think everyone is starting a business, and I am going to start a business Marlboro Red. In fact, I don��t think about it at all. The word pop is the proper noun of modern people. Everything must be done. Going to the forefront, even starting a business is no exception. Entrepreneurship, you are persevering, and have your own investigation and analysis of interested industries. Hot industries often come quickly and quickly, every period There are industries that were popular during that period. Nowadays, the popular industry naturally eliminates the previously popular industries Wholesale Cigarettes, and the next industry that is about to become popular will, in the historical torrent, eliminate the current popular industry in the future, and repeat it. All this is not what you and I can grasp. Ask your own heart. Where is he going to be the most valuable product in his life? How much can be developed, how much can be improved, how much can be changed, it depends on himself, and it depends on Your circle, the people around you are the chairman, you will not be jealous, the people around you are managers, you will not be students, the people around you are all silks, you will not be rich and handsome, the people around you are Chuang explained the literal meaning of the title, created by poverty: because of poverty, to start a business, but also to create it, but also to pay for entrepreneurship! Just a little more Marlboro Cigarettes, because we are poor, so we want to pass the entrepreneurship / real name Ni Tao

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