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« : Июнь 07, 2018, 10:37:29 »


I came accross this site recently for the first time and although some of the adverts seem genuine, in that owners / breeders APPEAR to be responsible, I was so upset to see the vast majority of ads. The dogs in the pictures made available, many of them, look to be kept in very poor conditions - shabby outbuildings, frayed ropes or even worse, chains, around their poor necks, even small puppies kept in outbuildings with no sign of mum / dad, never mind adequate shelter / heat lamps. I felt absolutely sickened to the core when I saw them - a lot of them seem to be makeshift puppy farms. Its truly horrifying. Even the genuine stories, i.e., those having to sell their dogs due to unemployment / marital breakup etc., are absolutely heart wrenching. I know its life but to see such beautiful animals, advertised like household goods and items of furniture for sale to the highest bidder, makes me ashamed of our race...........Very few of the adverts mention good homes required and none of them that I saw mentioned homechecks or experience of a particular breed. Whilst I'm sure there are genuine folk out there that may have had to resort to this, the number of unscrupulous, heartless individuals is scary. Just wondering if anybody else has seen the likes of this site and what your thoughts on them are?

Any help will be apprecited.

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